TLANT Funky Fruit Mash Rusty Rhubarb 210ML


TLANT Funky Fruit Mash Rusty Rhubarb


Ingrediënten: Rabarber (55%), appelzoet (extract van verse appel), gember (4%), natuurlijke pectine, citroensap, groene koffie bonen extract (0,3%).

Dit product wordt bereid in een ambachtelijk atelier waar ook chocolade en pinda's worden verwerkt. Ondanks al onze goede zorgen is het mogelijk dat dit product sporen van deze allergenen bevat.


Country of origin: NETHERLANDS
Country of production: NETHERLANDS


  Per 100 (g)
Energy (kcal/KJ) = 131 / 551
Total fat = 0.1  g
  - Saturated fat = 0  g
  - Trans fat = 0  g
Carbohydrates = 32  g
  - Of which sugars = 31.7  g
Fibres = 1.3  g
Proteins = 0.3  g
  - Vegetable protein = 0.3  g
  - Animal protein = 0  g
Salt = 0  g
Salt added = 0  g


With May contain Without Not delivered
+ +/- - o

gluten containing grain - peanuts +/- pistachio -
wheat - soy - macadamia nut -
rye - milk - celery -
barley - tree nuts - mustard -
oat - almond - sesame -
spelt - hazelnuts - sulphite -
kamut - walnuts - lupine +/-
crustacean and shellfish - cashewnut - molluscs -
egg - pecan -
fish - Brazil nut -
TLANT Funky Fruit Mash Rusty Rhubarb

Storage conditions

Usage instructions on the label
Storage instructions on the label


Logistic details

consumer unit
Articlename TLANT Funky Fruit Mash Rusty Rhubarb 210ML
Short productname Rusty Rhubarb
GTIN 05425038100792
Articlenumber A033
Intrastat code 20079110
Packaging (DxWxH) jar (8.5mm x 8.2mm x 6.3mm)
E-mark Not filled in
Net content 210 ml
Net weight 0.21 kg
Gross weight 0.38 kg
Drained weight
Amount of servings per package
Minimal amount of servings per package
Maximal amount of servings per package
trade unit
GTIN 05425038100976
Packaging (DxWxH) box (25.6mm x 17.1mm x 15.2mm)
Net weight 2.52 kg
Gross weight 5.07 kg
Amount of smaller units in this packaging 12

Articlenumber: A033
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