Chocolade taart
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Chocolade taart

Articlenumber: 221714


Chocolade taart

Bodem van krokante feuilletine en chocolade biscuit. Vulling van chocolade bavaroise overgoten met pure ganache. Afgespoten met pure chocolade.


Country of origin: NETHERLANDS

Legal name: Chocolate pie


cream (MILK), sugar, MILK, WHEAT flour, water, EGG, butter (MILK), WHEAT starch, glucose syrup, gelatin (bovine), hydrogenated coconut oil, invert sugar syrup, LUPIN flour, powdered skimmed MILK, maltodextrin, water, lemon peel, bicarbonate of soda (E500(ii)), enzymes, EGG yolk, skimmed cocoa powder, modified potato starch, salt, cornstarch, vanilla, whey powder (MILK), vitamin D, vitamin A, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, modified starch (E1414), colourants (E102*, E122*, E160a), stabilisers (E170, E407, E415, E500), anti-caking agent (E535), preservative (E202), food acids (E330, E270), emulsifiers (E471, E472b, E477, E481, E482, E470a, E322 (SOY), E472e), raising agents (E500, E450, E341), aromas (butter (MILK), aroma, vanilla). * may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

GMO free: Yes
Radiated: No


With May contain Without Not delivered
+ +/- o

gluten containing grain + peanuts pistachio
wheat + soy + macadamia nut
rye milk + celery
barley tree nuts +/- mustard +/-
oat almond +/- sesame +/-
spelt hazelnuts +/- sulphite +
kamut walnuts +/- lupine +
crustacean and shellfish cashewnut molluscs
egg + pecan
fish Brazil nut


  Per 100 (g)
Energy (kJ/kcal) 1191 / 284
Total fat 19.23 g
saturated fat 12.07 g
monounsaturated fat 0.34 g
Carbohydrates 24.08 g
of which sugars 18.71 g
Fibres 0.22 g
Proteins 3.7 g
vegetable protein 0 g
animal protein 1.59 g
Salt 0.13 g
sodium 1.73 g

Quality marks & characteristics

Characteristic   Claim on label
Contains gluten Yes n.v.t
Contains lactose Yes n.v.t
Contains natural gluten Yes n.v.t
Contains glutamate No n.v.t
Contains chicken and poultry No n.v.t
NIX 18 No n.v.t
Contains beef No n.v.t
Contains pork No n.v.t
Biodegradable No n.v.t
CO2 neutral No n.v.t
Diet product No n.v.t
Halal No n.v.t
Kosher No n.v.t
Vegan No n.v.t
Vegetarian No n.v.t
Reduced lactose content No n.v.t
Reduced protein content No n.v.t
Low in salt No n.v.t
Pregnancy logo No n.v.t
Recyclable No n.v.t

Storage conditions

Stage Storage condition Temperature (°C) Period
after production frozen -20°C - -18°C 6 months
General comment for all storage conditions Na ontdooien niet opnieuw invriezen
Preservationmethod Freezing
Usage instructions on the label gekoeld bewaren
Storage instructions on the label Na ontdooiing bewaren op max 6°C , binnen 48 uur gebruiken
Shelf-life date type
Location shelf-life date on package


Logistic details

consumer unit
Articlename Chocolade taart
Short productname Chocolade taart
GTIN 8718182300123
Articlenumber 221714
Intrastat code
Packaging (DxWxH) box (260mm x 260mm x 70mm)
E-mark No
Net content 1450 g
Net weight 1450 g
Gross weight 1625 g
Drained weight
Amount of servings per package 14
Minimal amount of servings per package
Maximal amount of servings per package
trade unit
GTIN 8718182301274
Articlenumber 22171404
Packaging (DxWxH) box (523mm x 263mm x 142mm)
Net weight
Gross weight 257 kg
Amount of smaller units in this packaging 4

Contact information

Holtkamp Horeca
Elementenstraat 26, 1014 AR Amsterdam
Customer Support
020 229 45 26

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